Low Carbon Concrete

Low Carbon Concrete

Low Carbon Concrete

LCC is stronger, lasts longer, is much more resistant in aggressive environments and is better looking. Kildea Concrete is committed to the environment and to giving options, when choosing your building materials, that are better for the environment. We are the leading supplier of Low Carbon Concrete throughout the Midlands and East Connaught.

Think about it: the saving on CO2 in four loads of our specially designed Low Carbon Concrete is equivalent to reducing your Carbon Footprint by the amount of CO2 emission form one family car for one year.


Sustainable Development is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.  For example, using LCC on a typical 3-bed semi detached house achieves:

Saving of over 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions
Saving of quarrying over 18 tonnes of natural resources
Saving the energy equivalent of over 1.7 years of electricity use in the average home.

Low Carbon

Low Carbon Concrete uses Ecocem green cement leading to a reduced carbon footprint. Concrete containing Ecocem is also stronger, looks better and lasts longer making it the sustainable solution of choice for new build.

What is Ecocem Green Cement?

Ecocem Green Cement if GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag), a premium quality cement manufactured from a high quality by-product of the steel industry. Ecocem is an alternative to ordinary cement and because it is manufactured from a recycled product, it releases 16 less CO2 during its manufacture.

Embodied CO2

The Embodied CO2 in Irish construction projects accounts for between 10% & 15% of all CO2 emissions in Ireland. LCC can reduce the embodied CO2 in concrete by 40%. LCC can reduce the embodied CO2 of the average structure by 25% making it the Best Available Technology (BAT) for reducing embodied CO2 in the construction industry.

How to specify Ecocem in your concrete

Ecocem replaces between 25% and 70% of the cement in a Low Carbon Concrete mix, and the typical replacement ratio for ready mixed concrete is 50%. For more information on replacement ratios, and the advantages of a high Ecocem content, please contact your local concrete supplier or see www.lowcarbonconcrete.ie