About Us

Kildea Concrete

Kildea Concrete was established in the early 1990’s and started producing ready mix concrete for the Midlands and East Connacht region.

Since then we have expanded into concrete block manufacturing and produce a range of precast products, specialised concretes and our Alfarock Retaining and Landscaping wall solutions. Our precast and Alfarock Retaining and Landscaping walls are supplied all over the UK and Ireland.

Since our foundation our mission has been to provide a top quality product, delivered on time at a competitive price – this we believe makes our value proposition very attractive.

kildea concrete


We recognize that each activity, product and service that we provide has a potential impact on the environment and the local community. Our objective is to minimize the environmental impacts and where practicable provide environmental benefit. The company is committed to compliance with existing legislation, prevention of pollution and continuous improvement of environmental management. To ensure that environmental impacts are controlled and minimized and that our objectives & commitments are achieved we have established and will maintain an Environment Management System. This system is part of the overall management system for the site and will enable us to provide materials and services to society in a manner which ensures that we meet our environmental obligations.

Quality Assurance

  • Quality is and has always been a priority of the Kildea family business which is a member the Irish Concrete Federation and its quality assurance scheme.
  • Kildea Concrete were one of the first independent concrete manufacturers in the Republic of Ireland to be accredited with the IS EN 206 standard for concrete (IS EN 206-1: 2002 Concrete – Part 1 : Specification Performance, Production and Conformity) by National Standards Authority of Ireland.
  • We have also been accredited with the IS EN 771-3 standard for the production of concrete masonry units.