Alfarock Retaining & Landscaping Walls

Alfarock Retaining & Landscaping Walls Alfarock Retaining & Landscaping Walls Alfarock Retaining & Landscaping Walls Alfarock Retaining & Landscaping Walls

Alfarock Retaining & Landscaping Walls

At Kildea Concrete, we give you an end-to-end total retaining wall solution – design, manufacture, deliver and installation – a complete service to all our customers.  We welcome co-operation with experienced contractors on larger projects.

Modular Block Retaining Wall

Dimensions are 0.5m * 1.2m (Height * Width) with variable depths from 0.5m as required by the design.

Modular Walls Features & Benefits

Our 1 tonne modular block solution has been specifically designed by engineers to provide a retaining wall solution that works every time, is cost-effective, sustainable and gives our customers the opportunity to maximise land value and on-site operational flexibility.

Features and Benefits of our 1 Tonne Modular Block Solution

  • designed specifically for retaining walls
  • complex or simple designs, works every time
  • up to 10 times faster to install than other systems
  • interlocking, no mortar
  • less excavation
  • appearance of natural stone
  • sustainable
  • requires less space behind wall
  • achieve tall non-reinforced walls
  • engineered strength – EC7 standards
  • CE approved product range
  • used in any landscaping application
  • retaining and garden walls
  • quick installation in any weather
  • temporary and permanent projects
  • less labour
  • standard site equipment
  • height without geogrid
  • minimal foundations, an integrated solution
  • install in limited working space
  • offsite manufacture quality assured
  • option of dedicated onsite for larger projects
  • any height
  • on land or in water
  • affordable and maintenance free
  • less site disruption
  • decorative designs to incorporate plants curves and terracing

Advantages of Alfarock

  • Blocks are pre-fabricated, or can be manufactured on site, with no reinforcement
  • Delivered, ready to install
  • No need for scaffolding
  • Blocks have a small footprint so no need for major excavations and costs for moving earth
  • Walls are built in far less time than other more traditional techniques
  • In the majority of cases, there is no need for Geogrid
  • Walls can be built in any weather condition
  • System of ultra fast locking blocks


1. Foundation made of concrete or compressed stone.

2. Forklift or telescopic handler for placing each block into its place.

3. Rapid and simple installation due to it’s ‘Lego-like’ system and completely dry laid.

Retaining wall design approvals

Our designs are fully approved to the demanding requirements of EC7 standards (current European legislation governing the engineering design of retaining walls). All our products are CE approved and our projects are guaranteed.

Download documents below: